How To Prepare For The Treatment?


This is an on skin treatment; please wear comfortable clothing that can be removed easily. Ladies, please no underwire bras on the day of your treatment. Your skin should be clean and free of all lotions, oils, perfumes and deodorants. This is a natural therapy and thus requires your skin to be in a natural state. Eat lightly on the day of your session, don’t force yourself, and just be sure you are well hydrated.


What Will The Session Be Like?


This treatment is as relaxing and enjoyable as a relaxation massage. You may experience sensations on the table as lymph fluids begin to move (tingling, coolness in fingers and toes, digestive noise).


What Can I Expect After A Lymph Therapy Session?


The List Below Is Only A Few Of The More Common Healing Responses That May Be Experienced Shortly After Your Session:


· The body may feel clean, light, and pure.

· The mind may be clear, sharp, and expanded.

· Some joints may spontaneously “adjust” themselves as the reduction in fluid allows for better alignment.

· Sometimes, as you detoxify, you may briefly feel sluggishness, nausea, muscle aches, pain and fatigue

 (These symptoms do not last and are a sign of healing).

· Temporary increase in urination and bowel movements possibly more odorous.

· Temporary change in your body odor, increased sweat.

· Deeper and more restful sleep, maybe wanting a nap in the day.

· Increases circulation and helps to balance the immune system.  

· Sinus and ear drainage.

· Reductions in swelling and headaches.